This site is a skewed mirror of a role-playing game. We aim to make it as accessible as possible for outsiders. A lexicon is also available, for your consideration


The game takes place in a parallel universe, very similar to ours, with one important difference: in 1675, Isaac Newton Discovered that the fundamental laws of nature are guided and enforced by an external power that is both measurable and, to some degree, malleable. He named this power "The Pulse".

And then science lost. The Church of England considered Newton's finding the ultimate proof of the existence of God, and by the order of King Charles II, the entire Royal Society was hijacked and turned into a secret lab for studying it and synthesizing a new religion, Catholic and reformed, with a closely knit hierarchy, and dedicated to the proposition that miracles־on־demand is something that should be monopolized.

So successful was this new religion, so virulent, that it quickly took by storm not only England, not only the world, but well beyond. With the ability to defy gravity, space exploration came sooner and developed faster. Humanity has spread all over the solar system, on planets, moons, space stations, and even asteroids (or 'rhoids, as the bitter inhabitants call them) lassoed by brave space cowboys.

Today, most people still live on Earth, under the United Church's thumb and watchful eye; but the Church's control grows weaker with distance from the centralized power of Earth. And although extra terrestrial settlements depend on religious technology for survival, there are more and more people out there who do not believe The Pulse actually has a plan. Or even that it should be capitalized.

Recently, in its investigations of The Pulse, the church discovered a strong anomaly on an asteroid named "Apophis", and have interpreted it, according to ancient prophecies, to indicate that the living avatar of The Pulse, a messianic figure from early Pulsist theology, was finally born. The church, unable to ignore this omen, but unwilling to disturb the status quo over it, sends the most unlikely pilgrim to find it.

Our Heros

The Story

We didn't actually start playing yet, but we do know we want to play the following two scenes:

The Game

The guiding principle of this game is not keeping secrets from the other players. This does not mean that there are no surprises, it only that everyone gets surprised together, at the same time. I try to share my plans for the game as soon as they hatch, and I encourage you to do the same. Release early, release often.

And since we want to keep this site accessible, and even cool, to outsiders, there will be a lot of editing and polishing and playing some scenes more than once. To the tech geeks among us I will add that the site sits in a git repository, so we have an infinite undo stack and the ability to fork the game and explore different possibilities.

Buzzwords: Rules, their manipulation and breakage. Faith, loss of. Sequential and non־linear prose, examination of.

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